Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force



Immunization and Screening

Promote immunization against Hepatitis B Virus and regular screening for all forms of viral hepatitis


Enhance availability and affordability of treatment to manage chronic Hepatitis B and cure Hepatitis C Virus


Connect care providers, wrap-around service providers, researchers, and patients fighting viral hepatitis in all its forms



9am, Every Third Wednesday of the Month

*The Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force is meeting virtually during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Meetings are open to the public and all are invited. Subscribe to our e-newsletter by submitting your email below to receive invitations to our future meetings. We'll be excited to return to Avenue 360 when it's safe.



The Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force seeks to eliminate hepatitis in our community.

The Task Force is a coalition of private and public agencies, advocates, and concerned individuals working in partnership and collaboration to monitor and prevent the spread of viral hepatitis, collate and disseminate surveillance data amongst organizations fighting viral hepatitis, improve the quality of life of people living with and those affected by viral hepatitis, and to enhance public knowledge of viral hepatitis. 

Shane Reader, MA


Michelle Carr, MPH


Cathy Troisi, PhD

Science Advisor

David Duffield, LCDCI, CHW

Vice President

Rosalia Guerrero-Luera


Get Involved

Membership with the Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force is free, and our strength is the diversity of our member base.
Your donations help us to host our annual workshop, publish and promote free viral hepatitis resources in Houston, and amplify the voices of our member organizations.
We're always excited to hear from our community. If you think the Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force can help you or your organization, please reach out.

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